Example Work

While at Northeastern University I participated in three co-ops at Flex, Hasbro and Eemax. Please see below for some examples of the work I completed while on co-op and at school. I chose work that shows the diversity of my experiences, while some of my work I did not share due to confidentiality.


Alcohol Detection Sensor - Circuits Class

For my Circuits class at Northeastern, I led a team of five of my classmates for a semester long project to design a circuit. For our project we decided to design a circuit that would use a light sensor to determine if alcohol was present in breast milk. The idea was presented so that new moms could indulge in a glass of wine or beer without worrying about any damaging effects of alcohol in their breast milk. The project ended with a working prototype and a presentation of our work. Please see below for the final presentation. 


Black Widow Baton - Toy Concept Design

While at Hasbro I presented a couple toy design concepts to management. For these design concepts, I conducted market research, sketched the ideas, completed a rough cost estimate and then worked with other co-op students to construct prototypes before compiling my work into a short presentation for my department. I presented the prototypes and the research I completed and the Black Widow Baton concept was chosen to continue through product development. The resulting toy pictured to the left was mass produced after I returned to school, and it is currently being sold in stores.